Why webOS Gets Multitasking, And Others Don’t

Rants,Technology — February 14, 2011 @ 7:06 pm

First off, I’ll be the first to admit webOS’s shortcomings, like its limited app selection, and more importantly, the maddening lack of spec-busting, powerful modern hardware to run it on. However, I’m getting tired of articles and posts, like this one, that try to explain away various “multitasking” solutions with excuses that generally boil down to “what’s it matter, you’re only doing one thing at a time anyway, so our background/freeze solution is just as good as yours, and besides, all you really want is just to play music in the background while surfing, isn’t it?”.

Except that it isn’t. The best multitasking solution is the one that allows ME, the user, to multitask. Not just the OS. If the OS itself multitasks, that’s cool. But that’s not really helping me if I can’t juggle multiple tasks easily. The reason why webOS gets it, and other OSes don’t, is that in webOS it is trivially easy for me to do multiple things at once. For example, I can decide to tell Pandora that I really like what it’s playing for me while in the middle of typing an email. I can launch a web site, swipe back to Keyring, copy a password, and by the time I swipe back to the web site the page is loaded waiting for me to paste the password.

While on a road trip, I can put my phone on my car’s touchstone, and have it stream Pandora or play music on the way, while simultaneously giving me GPS turn-by-turn directions. And as if that isn’t enough, I can run Trapster simultaneously to help avoid police speed traps. I don’t even have to juggle back and forth, since I’m listening to the Navigation while looking at the Trapster map, and I don’t have to switch apps to control my music when I want to, because the music controls are right there in the notification bar. WebOS even knows when to lower the music volume so that it can tell me I’m approaching my exit. If I get a text message or email on the way, I instantly see who it’s from and what it says without even having to touch my phone, and yet it doesn’t intrude on what I’m currently running. It can notify me that I’m running late on my calendar appointment, and with ONE tap I can let coworkers know that I’m running a bit late. Without having to switch tasks.

There is simply no other smartphone platform that allows me, the user, to multitask nearly as efficiently as webOS does. They’re all finding ways for the OS to multitask, but they’re not quite as effective at helping the USER multitask. And that’s where webOS wins.

Memo to Nokia

Rants — May 9, 2006 @ 6:34 pm

We hate the commercials. Especially that retarded “my cellphone is precious territory” girl. If you are really THAT stuck up about putting a guy’s number in your cellphone, you need to go see a shrink ASAP. That girl is one of the top five most annoying TV commercial actresses of all time. Please stop. Take them off. Please. I can’t stand it anymore.

They Murdered Terri

Rants — March 31, 2005 @ 2:27 pm

…brutally. :-(

Rather Inadequate

Rants — November 23, 2004 @ 1:00 pm

This is a travesty, and a sham, and a mockery. Viacom and CBS have continually demonstrated themselves to be a menace to American society. Can you believe this nonsense? He’s going to wait until March before stepping down, and he’s not even going to leave 60 minutes? What, do they actually think this moron still has some shred of credibility left with the public?

In case someone has forgotten about all this in the midst of all the election hoopla: this man attempted to defraud the electorate and change the result of a presidential election using forged documents, during a time of war. This stuff should warrant discussion of a criminal investigation, not this sugar-coated “stepping down” nonsense.

Color me mad.

Rants — October 23, 2004 @ 8:42 pm

OK, I’ve just about had it with these Brits. I’m talking about that liberal whacko newspaper from the UK called the Guardian. How can any large media organization be this irresponsible?

I scoffed when they launched their “Operation Clark County” project asking their readers to spam Ohio natives with letters telling them to vote for Kerry. Ohio residents were not amused, and collectively told the meddling Brits to sod off, even going as far as to remind them that the issue of British influence over American political affairs was settled well over 200 years ago during the American Revolution.

Now the Guardian is invoking the names of Lee Harvey Oswald and John Wilkes Booth, calling for Bush’s assassination in an expletive-filled, unbelievably low and repulsive tirade against the American president. How does the British society manage to tolerate this kind of garbage from their media?

Intermittent Connection Loss, Finally Resolved

General,Rants — August 17, 2004 @ 12:52 pm

So let’s see — what didn’t I try to do to fix this problem? I can’t think of a single thing!

- Tweaked IPTables firewall: Check
- Switched from Shorewall to IPKungFu: Check
- Disabled firewall altogether: Check
- Tried a new DSL modem: Check
- Replaced network interface card: Check
- Upgraded kernel: Check
- Upgraded entire Linux distribution: Check
- Tried a different computer: Check
- Tried turning off devices around the DSL modem, like the cordless phone: Check
- Used my AM radio to sniff around the phone line for interference: Check

Eventually called Oplink.net back, and this time they were convinced the problem wasn’t on my end. Dude is about to file a problem ticket with SBC’s DSL people when it occurs to him that someone might be squatting on my IP. So he asks me to turn off the modem, and sure enough, a few minutes later, someone had assumed my IP address! Turns out the fellow had two IP addresses assigned to him, and had decided to take a third without permission. Idiot. I hope they terminated his service for my two months of grief — dropped phone calls, dropped IM connections, audio streams getting disconnected, unable to watch my live Lakewood broadcasts … arrrghh!

Well let’s focus on the present. The problem is gone, and life is back to normal. Thank God for that.

Houston to Francis: We don’t want you no more

General,Rants — June 23, 2004 @ 6:56 pm

So now after getting my hopes up earlier this week about the Rockets-Magic trade involving T-Mac/Steve Francis, I hear that because Francis has been whining all over the press like a cry baby, Orlando is no longer as enthusiastic to complete the trade and is still considering the other options. Good thing is, T-Mac has made it clear he wants to come to Houston (and why wouldn’t he? The only thing in the league right now that’s better than a McGrady-Yao combo would be a McGrady-Shaq combo, and that is very unlikely…I know Mark Cuban is rich, but he ain’t buying those two at the same time!).

In my opinion, Steve Francis needs to grow up. You’re a basketball player. Trades happen. Life is unfair sometimes. Deal with it. You’ve prima donna’ed all over our basketball arenas for three years now, and we don’t see what you’ve got to show for it. You dribble the ball too much. Your scoring isn’t improving. We need a championship team, and between yourself and Mobley, you’re not going to get us there. We’ve got a good coach now, and we have a really really good player who wants to come. So just swallow that pride of yours and drag your behind on over to Orlando, because we don’t want you no more down here in Houston. Capisce?

Now if only John Weisbrod would make up his mind and quit keeping everyone in suspense, we’d all be a lot happier.

Forwarded Emails

Rants — March 18, 2004 @ 4:00 pm

I’ve gotten many of these chain emails in the past, and often either laughed at their inanity or deleted them in annoyance. But this particular one I received today stooped to a new low, and I was particularly incensed — so much so that I found the address of the original sender and transmitted a scathing flame down the line. This fellow, whoever he/she is, actually decided to impose the text on an image of a little baby with a ribbon tied around it labeled “From God” and … well, see for yourself. The original message originates from OceanPrincess231@aol.com. People like this are the scum of the Internet. Please feel free to drop this fool a message and let him/her know just how obnoxious crap like this is. Oh, and forward this story to everyone in your address book. AOL will send you a check for $200 in 2 weeks’ time!


If Monkeys Ruled the World

Rants — March 7, 2004 @ 6:20 am

This planet we live on seems to get more bizarre every new week. There are so many absurdities to discuss that I do not even know where to start. Perhaps the most amazing series of incidents in the news of late has been out of Haiti, an impoverished nation sitting next to the Dominican Republic on a shared island. As you probably already know, rebel factions have just driven the erstwhile president, Jean-Bertrand Aristide out of power. But frankly I am perplexed and thoroughly flummoxed at everything that has happened since then. I read a verbatim report of an interview he had with a media outlet shortly after arriving in the Central African Republic. “I was told that to avoid bloodshed I better leave … this is modern way to have modern kidnapping.” I really, really want to believe that this man was just trying to manipulate the media, yet I have so much trouble doing so: the only other explanation for the words coming out of this man’s mouth is that he is extremely stupid. Yet the liberals, absolutely giddy about a new prop in the agenda to bash George Bush to a bloody pulp, greedily gobbled up Aristide’s words as fact and began to immediately decry the American “overthrow” of a “democracy”. As for Aristide, his hosts in the CAR are getting quite embarassed by their guest and his noisemaking — so much that they have decided to shut him up altogether. Well, I guess the liberals would call that one a blow to free speech and part of the conservative imperialist agenda to repress the black man.

It’s hard to tell which is more mind-boggling — the possible fact that Aristide was too stupid to realize that the rebels were about to invade his palace and massacre his poor soul, and that if the US had not stepped in he would be history, or that so many people actually believe he was “kidnapped” and “overthrown” by the US government (of course, Bush could never win this one: if he had done nothing, he would be accused of insensitivity and imperialist selfishness and ultimately blamed for the ensuing bloodbath in Port Au Prince; if he had sent in troops early to help crush the rebellion, “there he goes again meddling in other nations’ affairs and warmongering”). Of course, nobody really cares that this guy was a brutal, repressive dictator who violently suppressed his opposition with an elite force of sinister henchmen, whether they were university students and rectors or successful businessmen. The reaction on the NigeriaWorld message board is even more perplexing. One of these fellows actually proposed raising a compulsory “universal black development tax” that would be imposed on every black man walking the face of the earth, and would be used to raise an army and economic force that would supposedly withstand the white man and his imperialist antics. Preliminary donations would be through the Red Cross. And approximately 15 replies later, there was nothing but whole-hearted agreement. I was flabbergasted, resolving never to post to that board again.

Do people even use their minds to think anymore these days? My head hurts…

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