Big Three, And Frankly Not Much Else

Sports — August 10, 2007 @ 1:13 am

So the Danny Ainge trades away his entire franchise, and gets himself the Big Ticket.  Now the Celtics have Garnett, Pierce and Allen. And frankly, not much else: A sophomore point guard who can’t can’t shoot worth a lick (got his tail kicked in a shooting drill by an eighth grader in practice). Who’s that guy that’s supposed to be their starting center again? That’s right, you’ve probably never even heard of him. (If you guessed Kandi-man, you guessed wrong.) Someone explain to me why this three-man team is supposed to be an instant favorite out of the East again? I ain’t buying the JV league argument, even though the East is incredibly weak.

By the way, the aforementioned eighth grader is the son of Doc Rivers, who seems like a genuinely nice guy who just gets utterly outmatched and out-coached every night, as far as NBA contests are concerned. But fear not, for the Celtics have a savior for their non-existent bench: Reggie Miller, armed with loads of Geritol!

Update: Speaking of old geezers, the list is growing rather rapidly. Penny has already signed with the Heat.

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2 Responses to “Big Three, And Frankly Not Much Else”

  1. jtr says:

    Given that the season is nearly three-quarters over and the Celtics *still* have the best record in the league and that sophomore point guard who “can’t shoot worth a lick” is shooting nearly 49% from the field, can you find a little love in your heart? A little?


  2. xcomp says:

    I’m well willing to concede that the Celtics have proven me completely wrong this season. Rondo has been much better than I thought he would be. I still think he needs to become a better outside shooter to be a championship-caliber point guard, and I don’t see this team beating the Detroit Pistons in a 7-game series. But they have been much, much, much better than I thought they would, and much of that has to do with their league-leading defensive efficiency (hiring Tom Thibodeau, in my opinion, is *the* reason why Ainge should win Executive of the Year).

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