They Murdered Terri

Rants — March 31, 2005 @ 2:27 pm

…brutally. :-(

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6 Responses to “They Murdered Terri”

  1. Brad says:

    What I don’t understand is how Chrisitans can possibly want to _keep_ her on this Earth, considering she’ll be better off in Heaven (Assuming she’s going there, which according to what I’ve heard, she was religious). Even if she was alive and responsive, I’m sure it’s not anything near compared to the life she is enjoying now with God.

    Although, I’m not religious…

  2. xcomp says:

    I pretty much stayed out of the debate as to whether she should live or die. I don’t know if she went to heaven or not (being religious does not get you to heaven, contrary to what many think). I would rather she had been kept alive with the hope of someday getting healed, and I don’t understand why they would force her to die. But that’s not even what bothers me so much.

    What grieves me isn’t so much the decision that she had to die — it’s the horrible death they put her through. Nobody should be forced to starve to death. That is just cruel, and those who brought this about have her blood on their hands. If you’re going to decide to end her life, at least be human enough to make it painless.

  3. sketkar says:

    I was hoping that the removal of the feeding tube would kickstart something in her and she would make a full recovery then in true american fashion sue the heck out of everyone, her husband, parents, hospital, courts, even the US congress. But that’s just me. It’s truly sad…

  4. Faith says:

    I agree. It was murder. I think that if you’re really suffering and shouldn’t live any more (which in her case, perhaps not) they should have given her a very large dose of narcotics or some sort of sedative and let her sail away home to the afterlife within a few minutes… 14 days of starvation is just cruel.

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