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Code — March 28, 2005 @ 12:35 am

A change was made recently to the E17 default theme removing the black outline around the borders. I think the theme was better with the black outlines, most of the other developers apparently think otherwise. Take a look at these two screenshots (1, 2) and let me know which option you think is better…post your comments below.

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27 Responses to “E17 theme”

  1. Delicates says:

    I’d say #1 is better despite it being a broken link. ;op

  2. Romain says:

    Sorry, xcomputerman… I prefer the new version. It’s soft and more elegant. The only visual problem is when two windows overlaps, there is no clear separation between them. But if dropshadow could be draw on evas or non-evas apps, this could solve the problem I think(My cpu said, Romain you’r crazy).

  3. S says:

    *with* black outlines are better, i think

  4. Magne K says:

    I think the first is better, without black borders.

  5. Warkari says:

    Like the theme without borders. Looks better especially with the drop shadows.

  6. david@tokyo says:

    I find myself prefering the first link too. The black lines don’t seem to … fit in somehow.

  7. Alex says:

    I like the new one without black borders,it’s cute :)

  8. xcomp says:

    Yeah sorry about that..link fixed. I think Romain pretty much nailed the reason why I didn’t like it without the black border … there is no clear separation between overlapping borders.

  9. Romain says:

    Well. And with dropshadow on windows apps? Did you think it’s possible?

  10. xcomp says:

    It won’t be possible until E17 gets its own composition manager. Which in turn won’t happen until Evas gets an xrender based rendering engine that is worth a dime performance-wise. See my previous blog post about this.

  11. Zoso says:

    The version without borders looks much better, I would love to see that you switch from the defaugolden to some other color too ;)

  12. without black outlines for me

  13. Ryder Lewis says:

    I have to say, I prefer without black borders too, though I agree that it doesn’t separate overlapping apps as well. I just think it looks a lot friendlier without.

  14. Norikage says:

    I prefer without black borders too. It seems easier to resize windows like this since the cursor doesn’t change yet. Or is it just me ?

  15. Lomion says:

    I think #1 (without black borders) is better. Gadgets, iconbar, pagers don’t have a black line so I think the windows should have the same style.

  16. vandango says:

    i think the second is better … with border is better

  17. Erlend says:

    I find the one without the black border nicer.

  18. devilhorns says:

    I prefer the new one without the black borders. It gives the theme a much softer look.

  19. slight says:

    Yeah, without borders gets my vote I’m afraid :)

  20. maldo says:

    The new one without black border, make the screen looks clean.

  21. mavhvr says:

    I prefer the old one, without the borders the windows seen so.. lost, nothing clearly separating each other

  22. Cheek says:

    IMHO, the new one without the BLACK OUTLINE is better. The drop shadow are more visible thus making the default desktop less dark and more “clean & polished”.
    Sorry Xcomputerman.

    By the way, do you know if the windows decoration can be made transculent ? I mean the border around could be transculent (With the possibility to regulate translucency degree…)

    Just a thought anyway…

    Keep up the good work !

  23. xcomp says:

    Translucency is not available yet…not until e17 gets its own composition manager.

    At that point we will be able to do a *lot* more than mere translucency. Problem is, Xrender still sucks.

  24. Jerrett says:

    I like 1 better, but something clean and simple like is even better :)

    the close/max buttons etc stick out a but much… imo

  25. Andrew says:

    There is still a 1 pixel thick, light grey border. How about making it just dark enough that different windows can be distinguished, but not so dark that it looks too out of place compared with the rest of the theme (as it does in picture 2) – a happy medium?

  26. NicolasW says:

    I prefer the first screenshoot, without black borders.

  27. jhacobo says:

    I prefer the first too…

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