Sleep-deprived? Yeah.

Code — January 5, 2005 @ 11:45 am

But then Raster says sleep is for the weak, so…

I finally found and fixed the bug with desktop switching last night. (Apparently Raster could have easily identified this bug but he chose to make me feel the pain instead.) Borders were being automatically freed on window unmapping regardless of whether they were visible or not, hence the apparent data corruption. Virtual desktops work well enough for general use now. You can have any number of desktops, iconified windows are restored to the current desktop, and selecting a window from the window list automatically takes you to that window’s desktop.

Meanwhile Raster doesn’t seem to perceive a situation in which we dynamically add/remove containers on the fly, so the multiple desktops idea is shelved (for now at least). I actually did implement this in code, but there were two problems — the need to add code to automatically reparent windows being moved to another container, and the fact that all the modules presently only handle one container, so extra containers lack shadows, ibar, clock etc. In any case I think having zones and multiple desktops will do well enough for most users. Possibly we could have overlapping zones on the same screen – so you could hide zones if you wished, and stack them any way you wanted, even resize them….this would essentially give you multiple desktops E16-style, but in a more powerful way…

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One Response to “Sleep-deprived? Yeah.”

  1. steve says:

    random comment. found your page going through several pages about E. patiently waiting for .17 :-)

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