Color me mad.

Rants — October 23, 2004 @ 8:42 pm

OK, I’ve just about had it with these Brits. I’m talking about that liberal whacko newspaper from the UK called the Guardian. How can any large media organization be this irresponsible?

I scoffed when they launched their “Operation Clark County” project asking their readers to spam Ohio natives with letters telling them to vote for Kerry. Ohio residents were not amused, and collectively told the meddling Brits to sod off, even going as far as to remind them that the issue of British influence over American political affairs was settled well over 200 years ago during the American Revolution.

Now the Guardian is invoking the names of Lee Harvey Oswald and John Wilkes Booth, calling for Bush’s assassination in an expletive-filled, unbelievably low and repulsive tirade against the American president. How does the British society manage to tolerate this kind of garbage from their media?

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4 Responses to “Color me mad.”

  1. jtr says:

    I read this article yesterday. It is disgusting that a newspaper would allow a reporter to call for the assassination of the president. Simply irresponsible and *reprehensible*.

  2. Kate says:

    Ok i think this is a fairly good example of americans not getting english humour. they are jokes man

  3. xcomp says:

    I know satire when I see it, and there was nothing humorous about the low insults that were levelled at Bush from that article. Even if it was intended to be a joke, it is absolutely irresponsible and shameful for a newspaper as large as the Guardian to permit such content to be published at all; and joking or not — a threat of assassination against the American president will get you into serious trouble down here. Not to mention how much in bad taste it would be in the eyes of the public.

    Even I am not an American, and I found it extremely offensive. I certainly hope you don’t speak for a majority of the British public, because your appreciation for this kind of garbage certainly doesn’t speak much of you.

  4. Edward Hull says:

    Many of us “Brits” tolerate that kind of garbage from the media by ignoring its exsistance,
    unfortunatly, the “masses” have sway over what the media and our govenment do.
    note: “masses” defined as “most vocal group”, which in this country also tends to be synonomouse with “least Intelegent group”
    (sorry about my spelling, not much I can do about that without reaching for a spell-checker.)

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