Edje Clock

Code — August 1, 2004 @ 1:52 am

EonTokyo has employed his mad themer skills again and created a beautiful-looking clock entirely out of Edje and Embryo. I’m told someone already did this last night, but for the rest of you who don’t feel like having to put together a C program to wrap around this, I have a little tarball up here for you. Note that the .eet file will have to be in the current directory for the app to work…you can alter this by editing the source before compiling.

Download here.

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9 Responses to “Edje Clock”

  1. neofeed says:

    whaa! you took my fame! :(
    hey, eon has been taken already. and It’s called epxedition, can’t you read? ;)

    sadly your rss does not work for the planet :(

    kindest regards,
    Moritz “neofeed” Angermann

  2. xcomp says:

    Expedition is a silly name for a clock. And there is no verifiable evidence that the name eon has been taken by any project of significance, so it stays. :)

    As for the planet – sadly, it needs to be fixed to accept good RSS. :D


  3. mall says:

    EON is both fantastic name and fantastic as a whole.
    but there is one small problem. i cant make it to start automatically when i login and start E.

  4. mall says:

    Can anyone make a bit better image for Eon? the problem is that it has ugly borders on light wallpapers :(

  5. xcomp says:

    It’s probably failing to start because it cannot find the theme file — the code in that tarball looks for expedition.eet in the current directory. You will need to edit that and make it point to some fixed location … this stuff is demo code that I just threw together in a few minutes so there is no autofools to take care of those things.

    As for the borders issue … you should probably talk to Tokyo, the guy who designed the Edje to begin with (http://tokyo.cored.org).

  6. mall says:

    ok. if tokyo’s page will be back ill ask him myself.
    and one more thing about borders in E. is it possible to make better antialiasing. For example. i put some nice icons in E-menu. But if the theme is a light one then they look bad :( . If they were antialiased it would definitely looked better. Is it possible that the cause of this is that those icons are rescaled?

  7. xcomp says:

    Borders and icon scaling are two entirely different things. Anti-aliasing of window borders is generally impossible because of basic X limitations (pseudo-alpha-blending hacks are possible, but are expensive and don’t work well, and generally aren’t even worth it). As for icon scaling — I’m not sure about this since I haven’t actually done any work with Imlib1 — but E16 CVS (version 16.7) is based on Imlib2 which has the best icon scaling you can get, so if you’re seeing poor icon scaling you might want to upgrade.

  8. mall says:

    in that case i have to wait for E 16.7. I hope it will be complete as soon as possible.
    is my assumption ok: E 16.7 has anti-aliasing for fonts?

  9. xcomp says:

    E has had font anti-aliasing for a long time — even Imlib1 does that. The issue you’re having has to do with image scaling, not fonts.

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