Houston to Francis: We don’t want you no more

General,Rants — June 23, 2004 @ 6:56 pm

So now after getting my hopes up earlier this week about the Rockets-Magic trade involving T-Mac/Steve Francis, I hear that because Francis has been whining all over the press like a cry baby, Orlando is no longer as enthusiastic to complete the trade and is still considering the other options. Good thing is, T-Mac has made it clear he wants to come to Houston (and why wouldn’t he? The only thing in the league right now that’s better than a McGrady-Yao combo would be a McGrady-Shaq combo, and that is very unlikely…I know Mark Cuban is rich, but he ain’t buying those two at the same time!).

In my opinion, Steve Francis needs to grow up. You’re a basketball player. Trades happen. Life is unfair sometimes. Deal with it. You’ve prima donna’ed all over our basketball arenas for three years now, and we don’t see what you’ve got to show for it. You dribble the ball too much. Your scoring isn’t improving. We need a championship team, and between yourself and Mobley, you’re not going to get us there. We’ve got a good coach now, and we have a really really good player who wants to come. So just swallow that pride of yours and drag your behind on over to Orlando, because we don’t want you no more down here in Houston. Capisce?

Now if only John Weisbrod would make up his mind and quit keeping everyone in suspense, we’d all be a lot happier.

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One Response to “Houston to Francis: We don’t want you no more”

  1. sketkar says:

    Agreed, 110%, lol! Anyways, the Deal is officially on hold now. Atleast according to the Rockets website and the Orlando newspapers. Looks like the magic want the trade as much as the Rockets but they’re just plain milking it. I mean yeah, Dallas, Indiana and other teams have placed interest but only the rockets have proposed an actual trade deal. Maybe orlando is having 2nd thoughts after meeting with Steve and Mobley last week. I hope they didn’t screw up the deal for the rockets. There is also a chance that orlando feels they are giving up too much. I mean they are giving up 4 players for 3 rockets, even though the three rockets are all STARTERS!! As it stood last, Orlando gets, Steve Francis, Catino Mobley and Kelvin Cato and the Rockets get T-Mac, Juwan Howard, Reece Gaines and Tyronn Lue. If the deal does go through, they can’t make it official until July 1st anyways, league rules. As a side… Steve Francis PPG is 19.4, Cat Mobley PPG is 14.3. T-Mac PPG is 28.1, and he’s lead the league in scoring for the last 2 years. Also it’s PPG has been 25.6 for the last 4 yrs. Just some food for thought. I’m out!

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