Forwarded Emails

Rants — March 18, 2004 @ 4:00 pm

I’ve gotten many of these chain emails in the past, and often either laughed at their inanity or deleted them in annoyance. But this particular one I received today stooped to a new low, and I was particularly incensed — so much so that I found the address of the original sender and transmitted a scathing flame down the line. This fellow, whoever he/she is, actually decided to impose the text on an image of a little baby with a ribbon tied around it labeled “From God” and … well, see for yourself. The original message originates from People like this are the scum of the Internet. Please feel free to drop this fool a message and let him/her know just how obnoxious crap like this is. Oh, and forward this story to everyone in your address book. AOL will send you a check for $200 in 2 weeks’ time!


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